Our History

Maxlife Mission Statement:

The Project provides activities and events for children and young people their families and the wider community in the local area, which has high levels of deprivation. Our Mission Statement is to ‘Improve the Quality of Life for Young People by Providing Opportunities for Social, Physical and Mental, Development and so Empowering Them to Mature as Responsible and Caring Members of the Community’.


Maxlife has worked at a grassroots level for 15 years and our work is defined by the needs of young people their families and communities. The project has reacted to changing needs and has provided a varied programme to meet those needs. Including to those identified as ‘hardest to reach’.

Maxlife is the longest standing youth provision in an area identified with multiple indices of deprivation being in the 10% of most deprived areas according to the’ Governments Indices of Deprivation 2019’. The Church Urban Fund reports that child poverty and lone parenthood levels in the area are amongst the highest in the country, and where low qualifications are the most significant poverty related issue. The Hull Health & Wellbeing Board state the percentage of children living in poverty as 34.13% compared to 21.80% in England (www.local.gov.uk), and the Centre For Cities Report shows Hull having the highest Job Seeker Allowance claimant rates of all the major cities (2014). There is a direct link between social inqualities such as these and inequalities in health (Wilkinson and Marmot 2003), which presents a self perpetuating cycle for young people whose difficulties have been exacerbated by the ongoing massive cuts to services. Maxlife has observed these difficulties at first hand.

We work with young people aged 10-25, their families and community.